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B2B (Business to Business) Web Development Services

A B2B site is defined as transactions conducted between businesses on the web. In simple words B2B commerce can be defined as "doing business electronically" or business that is conducted over the Internet.
It is most commonly associated with buying and selling information, products and services via the Internet or through the use of private networks shared among business partners. B2B can also define as exchanging of structured messages with other business partners over private networks or Internet to create and transform business relationships. B2B exchanges also called e Markets are playing a crucial role in today's digital economy.
E Markets are building capabilities to host critical supply chain applications, providing support to cross enterprise collaboration. This results in what is being termed as "synchronized industry coordination". This allows companies to synchronize activities like product design, procurement, transportation planning, production planning and marketing. E markets provide the participants with an open, flexible, reliable, highly available, and scalable environment.
K.S Softech provides solutions for the development of b2b portal or b2b website, web portal and web maintenance services for its domestic and international clients. Web Development is a 24 x 7 activity which involves an expertise at many levels. We have designed and promoted numerous web portals, B2B Portal (Business to Business Portal), B2C (Business to Consumer), E-Commerce Portal, the entertainment portal, Shopping Portal, Online Shopping and integration of various payment gate ways of third party merchants.
K.S Softech provides the best solution for development and maintenance of portal services B2B, B2C portal development, E-Business E-commerce and e-shopping. K.S Softech also provides Web Design Outsourcing and Offshore Maintenance. In recent years among developers K.S Softech has developed and promoted many web portals for clients in the domestic market and international market as well.
At K.S Softech, website development is an activity which involves a multidimensional expertise at many levels. A good website involves an appropriate design and targeted Web Content in conjunction with other services provided to the user. K.S Softech has planned, developed and markets quality portals and websites, which shows the strength in the development of multi-faceted, multi-dimensional websites. K.S Softech has strengths in the various services needed to develop and deliver a quality Web Portals Business.
K.S Softech possess expertise in the areas of MS ASP.NET 3.5, PHP, Wordpress SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, just to name a few. These skills are well supported by the graphics and the user front-end visualization of the team responsible for the beautification and give a appearance of the portal. A team from the Gateway Portal Marketing SEO and ensures that the experts developed portal gets a good classification and rate of investment (ROI) in online business.

A Guide for our Users

Q. Why you need a Website?

1. Websites Never Sleep.
2. Your Top Competitor Has A Website.
3. "Just Google It".
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Q. What does it take to get a website started?

1. Know what you want your website to accomplish.
2. Gather information.
3. Meet with K.S Softech for a consultation.
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Q. How to come to "Number 1" in the search engines?

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website promotion are a few of these that help your website to get noticed on the Internet and eventually, help your business grow.
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Q. How much will I need to invest, for making a website?

Investment in a website depends on a number of decisions. The number of pages a website has as well as the type or graphics or design that you want. A website can be single page as well as dynamic with thousands of pages.
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Q. What are the steps involved?

Initially we will like to know more about you and why you need a website. Depending on your application, business sector as well as age of the organization (introductory or already established) we will make design recommendations.
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